Sony Micro PC with SSD can be yours for $1299


204080993Jenn drops the news and a direct link to which has the Sony UX-390N available in limited quantities for $1,299. At this point in the small form-factor market, there are a number of competing choices at various price points, but if you’ve been lusting after Sony UX device, you’ve got an attractive deal waiting for you. This is the Core Solo unit running at 1.33 GHz and includes the 32 GB SDD drive for storage as well as the port replicator. It includes 1 GB of RAM and comes with Microsoft Windows Vista Business.


Jay Harper

How does the 390 screen compare to the 490? I’ve held up a 380 and 490 screen side-by-side, and it appeared that the 490 had far better contrast and better handling of color and saturation. If the 390 and 490 have identical screens, then the processor differences are negligible. It’d make the 390 a winner. Take away the BT GPS and extended battery in the 490 bundle, and it’d be around the retail cost of the 390.

I’m just curious about 390 vs. 490 screens. I’ve got a great deal through a vendor on a 490, and I’d be selling my 380 if I stick with this. However, that deal is amazing, even if I’d struggle with the limited 32GB disk space.

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