Open Thread: How Do You Handle Your Taxes?

One our most valuable assets is our time. Come this time of year, one of the major time sinks in many of our lives is preparing and filing our taxes. As web workers, we have many factors to consider when it comes to our taxes such as: do we really qualify for a home office deduction, which tax tips are good to follow, and how to track and manage all our business expenses.

When we’re ready to file our taxes, we have three main options, 1) hiring a professional CPA to do it, 2) using TurboTax, or some other tax preparation software, or 3) braving the quick shops such as H&R Block. It appears more and more Americans are discovering online tax filing is a good way to go.

As a busy web worker, how do you manage your taxes? Do you find ease in handing them off to a professional, or does the do-it-yourselfer in you propel you to fire up TurboTax?

We look forward to a great discussion in the comments.


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