Coffee break- another HTC Advantage in use


Coffee_manI have to admit that as much as I love using my HTC Advantage I rarely see them out in the real world very often.  Today is one such day as a gentleman pulled one out and started checking his email and surfing the web in Starbucks.  He says he absolutely loves it and it has revolutionized the way he works as he rarely carries a notebook PC with him anymore to run his business, he does it all on the Advantage.  He also had of all things a tc1100 in his bag.  What a guy!


Marsha Sheppard

Can I use your coffee cup runner on a flyer for a public school fundraiser here in Madison, WI? We are selling fair trade coffee.

Dr. Roland E. Kehr, Jr.

James, per my previous comment on a “squished” HTC HomePlugIn Today page. Actually, I believe it’s the HTC Home Today page that is the problem. This is the gray backgroundpage with the large clock/weather icon and the 5/6 icon tab. It works fine on my AT&T Tilt. A few other people have commented on the “squished” icons on their Advantage. The standard Today page works fine, it’s just the other version allows for more versatility. In an earlier post you had mentioned an idea where you thought of hooking up a small wireless router to an ethernet cable in a motel/hotel room that didn’t have wireless and then wirelessly connecting your Advantage. Well, I’m headed to Sorrento, Italy towards the end of April. The hotel states that the rooms have internet (probably ethernet cable). What would be your suggestions for a small, wireless router? I plan on only bringing the Advantage and the Tilt. In other words I’m willing to be a guinea pig!!
Thanks, DocKehr

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