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Updated: User-gen Games On XBox; No Netflix Deal

‘Tis also the season of wild speculations. And this one hasn’t panned out yet: Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is not announcing any deal with Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) yet, for Xbox, but is launching a hybrid user-gen games which can be placed on Xbox Live to share with other users. The first set of user-created games is available for download now, including one called “The Dish Washer,” created by a former student and dishwasher James Silva from Utica, New York, as CNBC helpfully points out. The “Community Gaming on Xbox Live” service has free game dev tools for users. Game developers also will be able to build games for Zune.

And it is boasting its sharing creds: Microsoft says 30 percent more videos are uploaded onto the “Halo” community of Xbox Live daily (100,000 videos) than are loaded onto YouTube…of course that doesn’t really mean anything on the usage and sharing side, something that matters more than uploads.

Staci adds: No Netflix deal was announced because there is no Netflix deal, according to a source familiar with the situation, nor were there any plans to announce something this week. (The idea might have been raised as an “if, then” — if we make a deal by then, than maybe we can announce it.) Netflix is but one of numerous subscription services trying to make it on to the Xbox although there may be an assumption that Netflix has an in because Reed Hastings, its founder, chairman and CEO, is on the Microsoft board. When it boils down to actual deals, I think what will matter most in the long run is windowing and studio mix; for instance, SVOD services Vongo, Showtime, HBO have a much earlier window than Netflix, Blockbuster (NYSE: BBI) and the others.

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  1. SVOD has an earlier window than Home Video? That hasn't been the case historically. Titles become available to the Home Video market 30 to 90+ days before they go to premium cable. SVOD is an offshoot of the Premium Cable rights. At least that's been my experience. Did I miss a press release? :-)