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Now AT&T Is Offering An Unlimited Plan For $99

OK we’re not even done with the Verizon flat-rate phone plans news announcement and here comes Ma Bell with its own $99-a-month unlimited offer.

The plans will be available to new and existing wireless subscribers for $99.99 a month for unlimited U.S. calling on all devices with no domestic roaming or long distance charges. The plans can be combined with any current wireless data plan to give customers the ultimate in wireless freedom. The new plans, available Feb. 22

By the way, this unlimited plan is for voice only. No changes on data and SMS pricing, which still cost an arm and a leg. Hah! Why it was only yesterday that I was wondering how long it would take AT&T and T-Mobile to respond to Verizon’s plans. As someone just said, competition is a bitch ;-). Plan details are below the fold.

The following information is from an AT&T spokesperson

* Unlimited Voice Only: $99.99 unlimited voice only for standard wireless phones (note: smartphones/iPhones/PDAs also require an additional data plan)
* Unlimited Voice and Text Only: $119.99 for unlimited voice and text, picture, video and instant messages
* Unlimited Voice and Data (email and MEdiaNet) Only: $114.99 for unlimited voice and unlimited data for a standard wireless phone (excluding smartphones/BlackBerry and iPhone)
* $129.99 unlimited voice and unlimited data for a smartphone/PDA/BlackBerry on consumer email
* $144.99 unlimited voice and unlimited data for a smartphone/PDA/BlackBerry on corporate email
* Unlimited Voice, Data and Text: $134.99 for unlimited voice and text, picture, video and instant messages and unlimited data for a standard wireless phone.
* iPhone with Unlimited Voice: $99.99 unlimited voice + $20/$30/$40 data package (Note: the unlimited voice option will not be immediately available in iTunes. However, customers can select one of the existing plans in iTunes, then call us to switch, at no charge, to the unlimited voice plan.)

14 Responses to “Now AT&T Is Offering An Unlimited Plan For $99”

  1. I have the Straighttalk plan from Tracfone that has unlimited texts AND minutes for only $45 a month. The phones from Tracfone are also cheap, starting from $10. The phone I got is the Motorola W376 and it has internet, radio games…it’s awesome. I’m so glad I made the switch from AT&T because if not, I’d be paying $99 a month for unlimited. That’s so expensive!

  2. Why do people keep comparing MetroPCS and all of these other little phone companies to AT&T & Verizon? They act like they’re getting such a great deal or something. Reality check: Your phone only works in a VERY limited area. For those of us who want a phone that will work if we go on a road trip, out of town, or to the next city over, we choose a real cell phone company. Metro’s unlimited is $55 per month, the phones suck and the coverage is even worse. AT&T is $99 per month and you get coverage literally EVERYWHERE, not to mention awesome phones like the iPhone 3G that do just about everything but… well… you know, lol. And I bet they’re working on an app for that anyway! -Prada

    • It’s funny that you mentioned the comparison between MetroPCS and ATT. I have an Iphone with ATT and I rarely get service with them. I can’t wait until my agreement is up so I can switch to some other cellular service. Although METROPCS on service certain areas, at least you have a one-flat rate witht them. I went home to Americus,GA(very rural) and my ATT phone didn’t have NO SERVICE yet my sister’s METRO PCS phone had service(all bars) our entire visit home. I feel that says alot about ATT coverage. Honestly, it sucks!

  3. My brother has Metro PCS with unlimited calling, texting, internet access, long distance etc. with no contract. He pays $54 a month, every month. When he falls behind on payment, they turn his phone off. All he has to do is send them the $54 payment and they turn it back on. He’s not charge anything for them to turn it back on. All he had to do was pay for his phone. This is what all cell phone companies should offer.

  4. Jesse Kopelman

    It amuses me how much carriers charge for SMS (especially a la carte) when it is by far the least resource intensive service they offer. I’d think it takes about 100 SMS to equal 1 MOU, in terms of resources. Why unlimited SMS cost > $5 as a bolt-on is beyond me.

  5. This pricing is great of you have a basic phone. Blah.

    For those of us in the corporate / professional world who own a Blackberry (corporate account) and unlimited data, it still is an arm and a leg.

    I currently pay that much for 1400 minutes ($89.99) + Blackberry Enterprise ($44.99) and 1500 SMS message ($19.99) = $154.97

    So I get a $9.98 savings!

    Because it is “unlimited”… Most users choose a plan that they know they will average the X amount of minutes. So unlimited won’t make someone talk more.

    When will ATTT come out with a package for corporate professionals for a flat $100.00 per month? I would gladly pay that no questions asked!

    • hi if any 1 looking for un limited paln go to select any phone and select unlimited plan 100 $ for primary and additional lines 9.99.get it fast …………….they make it as an error.