And Now T-Mobile Joins The $99 Unlimited Party

Wow… the battle of press releases is gaining in intensity. Within hours of Verizon announcing its decision to go unlimited, we had AT&T come out swinging with its own release. And now T-Mobile says starting Feb 21, you can get $99 unlimited wireless calling on their network. They are one upping the other two and are offering unlimited nationwide messaging (IM, MMS and SMS.)

Ironically, Sprint is yet to make a formal announcement, even though its new CEO Dan Hesse told USA Today that he was planning to go nuclear and introduce the unlimited calling plan. Or maybe he was just betting precisely on this battle of the press releases-turned-street-brawl. Anyway whatever the reasons, if you like to gab all the time, think about upgrading. Rest of us: lets prepare for a really crappy voice service on all three networks clogged by the chattering classes.