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Google’s UK Revenue Up 57 Percent, Slowed Over Christmas

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From the 10k Google filed with America’s SEC at the weekend (see full post at (via Virtual Economics)…

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) made $2.53 billion (£1.28 billion) revenue from the UK in 2007 (2006: $1.6 billion or £814 million; 2005: $878 million or £446 million) – a growth of nearly 58 percent. This is slower than the 82 percent growth seen in the previous year.

– In total, Google revenue was $16.59 billion (2006: $10.6 billion; 2005: $6.14 billion) – growth of 56 percent.

UK revenue comprised 15 percent of the 2007 total (2006: 15 percent; 2005: 14 percent). Strength of the pound and other currencies against the dollar prompted a hike in international revenue to $3.321 billion.

– But, on a quarterly basis, UK revenue as a proportion of the total slipped from 16 percent in Q3 to 14 percent in Q4 – “primarily a result of seasonal slowdown in certain advertising verticals, such as finance and travel“.

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2 Responses to “Google’s UK Revenue Up 57 Percent, Slowed Over Christmas”

  1. Robert Andrews

    Rather than me convert for the course of the year like the tax man does, all Google's revenues are recorded in $USD and would have got to that point after doing necessary conversions from £GBP. I think we're using different metrics – I'm emphasising the dollar number and providing a conversion only for the present day (and therefore any currency fluctuations are factored in). BTW, I meant to throw you a link.

  2. Not sure how you're calculating the $/£ exchange for 2006, but getting from $1.6 bn to £814m requires a 2006 rate of about $0.51. I believe the rate over the whole of 2006 averaged $0.54, which might not sound like a big deal but takes Google's UK revenues in 2006 to £872m and means that the (sterling) rise from 06-07 would be only about 45%.