Broadband Content Bits: Paramount On Xbox, BBC Tribler Work, Tiscali Rom-com Prem


BBC P2P: A BBC R&D team is working with broadcasters, universities and developers across Europe on P2P Next, a continent-wide initiative to build a legal, cross-platform P2P system based on Tribler, an early model out of Holland’s Delft University. Executive producer George Wright wrote EU funding had been won for the next four years to enhance Tribler with live P2P streaming, a new UI and a social recommendation system.

Paramount: Paramount has struck a distribution deal with Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) to become the second film studio to see some of its film available to rent through the games console Xbox 360, reports the Guardian. The download-to-rent films, including Transformers, Primal Fear, and a Mighty Heart among others, will be available starting Tuesday, from the Xbox Live Marketplace Video Store and will cost between £2-£3.20. (release).

Tiscali: Tiscali is giving free online and digital TV access to the February 29 premiere of the new Brit rom-com January 2nd. The film was made by independent movie makers Guerrilla Films and stars Dorian Healy.

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