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10 Apps To Have For Your Symbian S60 Phone

Nokia’s E series and N Series phones are attractive options for mobile phone consumers. Nokia openly goes after other handset makers and telcos for crippling features and stripping out functionality such as fully enabled Bluetooth, Wi-Fi access and so on. Nokia and their use of the Symbian operating system create a fertile ground for mobile application developers.

We, the users, benefit by getting highly functional and useful applications that enhance our mobile phone experience. Below are some of the best applications for taking advantage of all your Nokia phone has to offer. [digg=]

1) GmailGmail for Mobile is a fantastic Java-based application for accessing your Google Mail account on your mobile phone. They’ve made a great effort to use numeric keypad shortcuts to easily manage your mail. Though it’s a little buggy, overall it’s a great Gmail extension for your mobile phone.

2) GooSync — Your Symbian S60 phone has a calendar application, but what if you use Google Calendar as your main calendar? There are a few open source options for syncing the two, but when it comes to easily doing two-way sync, GooSync is the way to go. GooSync gives users two options: a free account and a pay account, with the main differences being that the pay account allows you to sync up to 365 days in advance and syncs your Gmail contacts as well.

3) Qik — If you’re familiar with, you’ve seen life-casting. Now you can conduct live Net broadcasts directly from your Symbian phone using Qik, a tool that utilizes the Nokia handset’s camera and either the cellular data connection or a Wi-Fi data connection. Using it over an EDGE data connection will cause video lag, but Qik streaming over Wi-Fi is very cool. If I’m filming something on my Nokia phone on Qik, I can see comments that viewers leave on the Qik web site as they’re entered.

4) Jaiku — A presence application similar to Twitter, Jaiku differs with features that include threaded conversations and topic-based channels. Jaiku has embraced the Nokia S60 operating system and has launched a native application to enable you to view friend’s Jaikus and post your own. Also if a Jaiku friend has the S60 client installed, you can see when they were last on their phone and where in the world they’re currently located. It’s also possible to see other Jaiku contacts that are in close proximity to you on the Symbian Jaiku client.

5) Fring — A multi-protocol IM client that currently supports AIM, Skype, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk and Twitter, and features a SIP client. Fring seamlessly uses your data connection to allow you to IM or call contacts if they are on Google Talk or Skype. Fring also recently launched a feature that allows you to send files over Wi-Fi and 3G connection to your contacts. Very cool.

6) Nokia Sports Tracker — Using the N95’s built-in GPS module, Nokia Sports Tracker is a beta application that allows runners, walkers and cyclists to track and keep statistics of their workouts. Users can see stats such as average speed, total distance, altitude, and so on. Also, you can export your workouts into a KML file and map your workout routes in Google Earth. In addition, Nokia created a Facebook application that allows you to compare your workout details with your social circle.

7) Handy TaskMan — Sometimes you want to peek under the hood of your Symbian phone. Perhaps you want to see how memory much is left, or you’d like to see detailed information on all the running applications. Handy Taskman is the utility that gives you all this information and more. Additionally, if you have an application or task that is you want to easily terminate, Handy Taskman will allow you to exit the application with the click of a button.

8) ShoZu — The Nokia NSeries phones are made to create digital content, including great-looking videos and photos. But how to easily get all these media items onto your favorite media-sharing web service? Whether you want to upload video to YouTube/ or put photos up on Flickr/SmugMug, ShoZu is the application for you. ShoZu lets you tag, categorize, and upload your media to these popular service providers in the background, and allows you to send a text message or surf the web in the process.

9) Nokia Podcasting — How do you manage your podcast library? Most people use iTunes or a Juice receiver. But wouldn’t it be great to manage your podcasts directly on the device you’re using to listen to them? With the Nokia podcasting application you can add, delete and manage your podcast subscriptions. In fact, you can download directly to the Nokia Symbian mobile phone over either Wi-Fi or your phone’s data connection. The functionality is very convenient, especially if you like being able to manage your podcast subscriptions without having to interface with your computer.

10) Google Maps — As a mobile warrior, I’m constantly finding myself in need of a map. Google Maps is by far the best mapping application. And it recently released a native Symbian application, allowing it to not only mesh well with the Symbian look and feel but creating a fast, seamless mobile map experience. Google Maps also features My Location, which is a poor man’s GPS, using cell phone triangulation to show your approximate location on a map. This is exceptionally handy if you’re trying to draw easy directions on the go or find a pizza place within a few miles of your current location.

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  1. Chromax


    Because I personally dont like google, I found some alternatives that you should take a look.

    For googlemaps I use “map24 symbian”. This client from map24 (by the way the desktop version is much faster than gmaps) has also POIs like restaurants.

    Opera / Opera Mini is the best browser. (Desktop, Mobile, everywhere)

    “Profimail” is from Lonelycatgames, a small talentent company who knows whats ergonomy. Profimail is a great email client with mighty features.

    “Slick” is also from Lcg and is like fringe. I used fringe a short time but slick was for me way better. And its also free.

    “X-plore” is also from LCG and its definitively the best file manager for symbian. To open zips and rars like folders is just one feature. It shows images, has a hex editor and plays mp3.

    “Kylom Project” is a simple brainstorming tool to create lists. It could be more handy, but I found no alternative.

    All “App starting by typing”-Apps like T9nav or SkyQuiKey. But unfortunately they have bugs with my E71. BUT luckily theres “Handy Taskman” that also have such functions. Start the taskman and type the app you want.

    I also like:

    Sygic Mobile Maps (Nokia Maps Alternative)
    Papyrus (Nice calendar alternative with icons and many options)
    WeFi (Automatic find and connect WiFi spots)
    Xrick (the old rick dangerous game for s60)

  2. Instead of Twitter, Joiku or Fring, I personally use and the application (MobicueUpdate). I share all my files on my phone with my friends and my family with a simple Mobile Internet access. Since I got a Nokia powerful enough (symbian s60 2nd or 3rd generation) I really send every thing on my personal page on

    And true, I prefer Nokia Map for the moment. Let’s see if Google will improve the current api.


  3. Excellent list! Let me contribute:

    Speereo Voice Translator

    Talking Dictionary Phrasebook, which provides perfect communication in a foreign language while traveling around the world. If you travel around the world and do not know the language of the certain country, Speereo Voice Translator is an essential tool to have. All you have to do is to say a phrase in your language and you’ll get it immediately translated into the language of your interest.

  4. What about EQO???

    Mobile VoIP and roaming, free mobile IM and free/cheap text messaging – we also just released a brand new version for Symbian – this should definitely be on the Top 10!

    Check it out at – we even give you some free credits to give our calling and texting features a try!

  5. Great list. To the moaner above who complained about GMail only supporting one address: “You’ve completely missed the point of GMail. You only NEED one Gmail address because the searching’s so great. So my one address serves all purposes and I simply search for any string, label or contact that I want to filter on. Hence why the Java client only handles one address.” I do agree that a native version with more features would be better though!

  6. I find Google maps is a really nice application, but as alternative I would suggest MGMaps – Mini Google Maps, which is java based application with support to Bluetooth GPS device. Beside of taking images from Google satellite, you can use even yahoo maps and satellite images, Microsoft maps and many other, and also you can set up live update of your location on the website so your frinds and family can track you and you save those replays on “call me when you get there!”

  7. Nokia Maps is missing. I just downloaded the Nokia Maps 2.0 beta application ( and its by far better than Google Maps. It has a real navi option and pedestrian mode.

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  9. The open platform on Nokia phones provides a fertile ground for malware and other nefarious threats. While many of the applications you have suggested are “nice to haves,” Smobile* has created software that protects Symbian phones and the data on them from the rapidly increasing number of viruses and worms that are being unleashed on mobile devices. This makes security software like ours, the true “must have,” for any user that would like to use their Nokia phone to its full capability.

  10. I am very surprised to see Google Software such as Gmail for mobile and Google Maps.

    G-Mail for Mobile came FIRST!… very interesting…. Let me rundown through it’s ‘features’

    Tell me how many of you have SINGLE G-Mail address? I guess None of us. Especially with all the spam mails, we have to consider email addresses for a specific purpose. When we consider different email addresses for different purposes, It is very likely that we will have to use one id for personal purposes, one for friends, one for jobs, one for posts(forums) and one for all spams registrations et al.

    Now when you are on mobile, wont you want to be in touch with family & friends as well as want to see what’s up for jobs or what are the new posts / threads that you have subscribed. Definitely Yes!…. but with G-Mail for Mobile, it is simply NOT possible. All you have is a basic email checking facility for ONE single ID. no multiple ….profiles nothing …

    Oh, let’s say at this moment since getting a Job is the most important I set G-Mail for mobile for my jobs ID. While checking mail on mobile, I can read standard mail, even view PDF attachments and word document without any external app. I noticed that a possible employer has requested an urgent attachment (resume) and passport sized photographs along with some certificates… there you go, you want to attach documents… but that facility is just not there!… How on earth am I going to attach my PDF resume and certificates that are already on my S60 device through G-Mail for Mobile?

    Just because Google is Big and the most happening company doesn’t mean they have the BEST of mobile maps!…

    Secondly, Google Maps on Mobile is truly not worth on a secure wi-fi using it on 3G with local environment is OK, but when you want to use it for let’s say a hidden & secure wi-fi gateway, you simply cannot use this is mainly due to there is no facility in Google Maps for Mobile to select saved access points fring has this selection through the communication setup. fring even allows us to prioritize the access points, so when you are roaming you don’t have to bother for high roaming charges. Also, Google maps for mobile simply does not have any ‘offline’ capabilities… example I would like to go to Europe or China, Roaming Network usage charges are very high and with just Google Maps loaded it is going to make more trouble than ease. There are a couple of better apps by the way.

    By the way Fring, Nokia Sports Tracker are excellent applications

    Oh you missed to include y-Browser, Nokia Maps 2.0 ! and the mGMaps

    Nokia Maps is “free to use” to use but when you want for turn by turn directions (say for walk) you have to pay “subscription” fees even for a non voice based navigation! although they advertise that it’s only voice guided navigation that you are required to pay a subscription fees.

    By the way allows you to download different types of maps across the sources, be it Yahoo, MSN Virtual Earth,, Open Street Map and other sources as well as Google (Google is not officially supported though) and use them offline and you can even use them while roaming without worrying for roaming charges.

    yeah, the y-Browser developer “dr. jukka” and mGMaps developer Christen are simple and very small guys in terms of size, in fact they are individuals, but they have got what it takes to make a super useful application, that too offering these excellent utilities for free!.

    Did I whine?

  11. Michael H

    Nice list. I use Quickoffice 5.0 on my N95 which allows me to view and edit Microsoft Office files on my N95. I can even work on the new Office 2007 XML file formats. Very powerful and comprehensive app.

    • Hi Robert…Hows doin mate…I am from australia..i have n95 and i also installed the google maps on my mob…but, my phone is not pickking up the gps chip…can you plz help me how did u do that…its just not picking up at all…plz help me

  12. 1widsets :tons of widgets
    2rotateme :screen auto rotate (not useful for N82)
    3nstarter :change languages by shortcut keys
    4y-browser :files browser
    5y-tasks : task manager
    6windows live messenger
    7conversation : show sms messages like conversations
    8divx player: avi movies player
    9emtube : show , search and download youtube videos
    10handiwi : search for wifi access points
    11sic!ftp : ftp client
    12share online 3.0 + location tagger : geo-tagging images and upload it to flickr , vox , ikbis and ovi

    ALL FREE ;)

  13. Another great application is the Seven AOM 7.0

    It’s a pushmail solution. Works with almost any ISP (even Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail) and in some cases will synchronize your Contacts and Calendar too.

    Saw the link from the recent Mobile World Congress awardees list.

  14. Hi there .. first of all, really nice Post, helps especially new Users to know what’s going on and how to make the Most of their Symbian Device.

    There are a few Applications, which are not really MUST HAVE’s, but they are surely interesting and maybe the one or other feels like they need to have them! ;)

    There’s the SlideHangup, a small little Application, that allows you to end Calls with just shuting your Slider ..

    Then I’d like to add X-Plore, probably the best File Manager available at the Moment, you can get it over at Lonelycatgames, and trust me, it’s worth the few Bucks!

    And of course FlipSilent, mute/end your Calls/Alarms with just turning over the Phone to the the display .. It also let’s you change Profiles, by just turning over your Phone. Probably one of my Favourites ..

    And last but not least, a very cool Application called ShakeLock, and it does exactly what the Name says: Lock/unlock your Phone with just shaking it ..

    Again, nice Post Mr. Harris
    Cheers from Austria
    Symbian Freak

  15. I use and like GooSync, but it doesn’t really sync your Google contacts directly. It syncs your Google calendar directly, but Google contacts must be exported to GooSync’s contact manager and then can be bi-directionally synced with phones. You can’t add a contact on your phone and have GooSync sync that change directly to your Google contacts or vice versa at this time.

    But GooSync rocks for syncing your Google calendar.