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Mtron to deliver 1.8-inch, 128 GB SSD in April

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Mtron128gbssdNot satisfied with a paltry 32 GB of storage? 64 GB doubles your capacity but doesn’t double your pleasure? How’s 128 GB of Solid State Disk capacity grab you? Watch for it in April as Mtron just announced their intent to produce just such a component. The million-dollar question is the price of said storage, but that isn’t in the press release. An educated guess tells me that we’ll see the first batch come in around $1600, which could be more than the cost of the device it would actually go in.Price issues aside, this sounds like a great component for UMPCs and sub-notebooks: a 1.8-inch Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) PATA drive capable of 110 MBps reads and 40 MBps writes. Factor in 50% less power used than a traditional hard drive for a little more run time and that $1600 price tag is almost worth it, no? I kid.

2 Responses to “Mtron to deliver 1.8-inch, 128 GB SSD in April”

  1. This was vaporware, this company hasn’t produced anything unless a press release that is still on it’s website

    When I contacted them they even claimed they hadn’t such a product!!

    There is quite a big potential market for this drive with the potential replacement of MacBookAir 1stGen Drives.

    So do not trust Mtron anymore and please do not publish their future annoucements if you want to keep credibility