Monday's Time Savers: PDFMeNot, 8aweek, and Migrating Gmail Accounts

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What better way to start your week than by getting a few good tips on how to save some time as your workweek becomes reality?

Easing PDF troubles with PDFMeNot

Even though PDF is a fantastic format for sharing documents, (as discussed in the last Monday Time Saver post) viewing them in a browser can be annoying.  Typically, you either have to download and open them in Adobe Acrobat or view them in the browser (which can cause your browser to crash).  When it comes right down to it, opening a PDF can be cumbersome task.

With the web application called PDFMeNot, you by bypass the need to open a separate reader application by opening the PDF directly inside your browser.  This handy application called “A nicer way of linking to your PDFs” and instantly makes the PDF viewable in side a viewable in-browser display.

Tracking your online time with 8aweek

The web can be a very distracting place.  Getting caught up in ‘web surfing’ can drastically hinder our ability to get work done.  8aweek is a Firefox plug-in that helps you account for your time on the web.  You can easily use 8aweek to add some hard numbers to how long you spend on specific web sites that may not be additive to your professional career.

8aweek lumps sites together, so if you spend time on CNet’s (looking at work news items) and (looking for a new digital toy), all your time will be reported as visiting  Additionally, time spend in Google Reader will be lumped in with time searching at  With 8aweek, you can restrict the time you spend on different sites, depending on your personal preferences.

Move your email around between Gmail accounts

Lifehacker recently posted tips regarding moving your email between Gmail accounts.  Why would you want to do this?  Have you ever opened a second Gmail account, perhaps one for business and one for personal?  How would you easily move a large quantity of messages been the two accounts?  Using Lifehacker’s techniques, this becomes easy.

The method for doing this begins by enabling POP access on your first Gmail account (the mailbox your copying items out of).  Then, log out of the first Gmail account and log in to your second Gmail account (the one your copying items into).  Within the second account, click on Settings, then Accounts.  In the Get mail from other accounts section, click “Add another mail account”.  Enter in your settings, following the screenshot below as an example.

gmail settings

Your old messages will be imported in automatically by Gmail.  You may want to go back and turn on forwarding to your new account and disabling POP access, whichever is best for your situation.

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Dave Fowler

Hi Jason,

Dave from 8aweek here. Thanks for the coverage! You point out a major issue with 8aweek right now. Currently you can put a restriction on and it will restrict the reader and not google. However it will group them together when viewing your habits. Working on a fix for this now. It should be out early this week. Thanks for using it and your feedback!

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