TVCatchup Shuts Down Under Broadcaster Pressure

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We told you it was a lawsuit waiting to happen. TVCatchup, an unaffiliated website that let users “record” shows from free-to-air TV channels and store them on what it called an on-site PVR, has closed down in the face of legal threats.

A statement on one remaining page reads: “In recent days, TVCatchup has become aware of the Broadcaster’s (BBC, ITV (LSE: ITV), Channel 4, Five) increasing concerns over the free personal recording functionality that this website offers. On 15th February, our hosting was terminated without warning and we presume this was at the request of such Broadcasters. Given that this will no doubt happen again, TVCatchup has therefore voluntarily suspended its services whilst the concerns of the Broadcasters are addressed.”

Registered in Mauritius, TVCatchUp let users schedule programme recordings and even “borrow” shows from fellow users. In a sort-of attempt to tally with industry rights windows, recordings expired after 30 days but the broadcasters were unlikely to take it laying down. TVCatchUp said this is a “temporary interruption to service”, howver.

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Back online, quality excellent, unbelievable in fact

Why can't our broadcasters do as good a job?

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