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Samsung TouchWiz UI- fast and sweet

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Touch driven interfaces are all the rage since the iPhone opened our fingers for walking the screen and Samsung’s latest iteration of their TouchWiz UI is pretty sweet.  The TouchWiz interface makes use of easily customizable widgets on the home screen which extend the usefulness of the home screen tremendously.  Phone Scoop has published a nice video of the TouchWiz interface in action on one of the latest Samsung phones and it’s worth a look if you want to see the evolution that Samsung is making in their interface.

3 Responses to “Samsung TouchWiz UI- fast and sweet”

  1. turn_self_off

    and knowing that its samsung, you will find it on phones that are not only available from one operator pr nation…

    and dont give me anything about jailbreak. sell it to me open or dont sell it at all. having to jump thru hoops to use the full capabilities of a device is not customer friendly by a long shot.

  2. John Gibson

    They are embracing and extending what apple has done as any good company does. Nothing wrong with that. It isn’t anywhere close enough to get them in legal trouble.