Samsung See-N-Search: When New & OldTeeVees Come Together

Earlier this today I stumbled upon this video from Samsung demonstrating how web content can be married to the television signals being broadcast live via their set-top box. They call it See-N-Search.

The set-top box also has the ability to pull multimedia content, aka videos off the Internet and give more context to what you are watching. I think this is an interesting development, because it blurs the line between web video and old TV.

I think if this See-N-Search technology does actually become popular, a lot of people with little time (or interest) in online video will suddenly be unknowingly exposed to it, giving the whole online video industry a nice boost. That said, this little video also reminds us that we need better cataloging technology and better metadata around online video for See-N-Search type contextual systems to be effective.


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