WWD Coffee Break: Funky keyboards, S3 Access & Time-tracking

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ScreenshotAmazing Keyboards – Richard Nagy builds amazing “steampunk” style custom keyboards, and if you have a spare $800 or $1000 laying around, he’ll build one for you too. The price seems exorbitant at first, but once you see these creations and ponder what goes into them in terms of materials and labor it’s not out of line. Antiqued brass and copper, old typewriter keys, custom accents…the end result is spectacular.

Not for everyone, surely, but if you find yourself searching for a gift for the web worker who has everything, one of these would be a practically unique way to go. Gorgeous work.

Easy S3 Access – Amazon S3 provides a reliable and inexpensive way to store lots of info online, but using a dedicated client to interact with it can be a nuisance. InfiniteBits provides a solution by offering standard web browser and FTP access to Amazon S3 storage. Their free basic plan gives you 5GB of storage and a 10 day file time limit on their own S3 storage. Paid plans, starting at $4.95 a month, allow you to use your own S3 account and keep files around forever.

Hosted Time Tracking – Clockspot provides a web-based timeclock and timesheet solution at prices starting at $10 per month. Features include time tracking by phone or web, editing only with managerial approval, mileage tracking, and automatic detection of “suspicious clock times.” Aimed at folks with multiple employees.

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