What's wrong with Yahoo? Take a look at its new video site, and get a clue.

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Despite layoffs and a hotly contested acquisition offer from Microsoft, Yahoo found the time to relaunch the video section of its site last night. But the revamped site is an inadvertent metaphor for all the reasons Yahoo’s in trouble. Continue Reading @ NewTeeVee

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David H. Deans

Chris said in his commentary “Yet it feels like a silo, devoid of a unified connection with the rest of the company. There is no real integration with the other divisions that could have made this so much more.”

As a longtime user of Yahoo! apps, both organic and acquired, I agree with this assessment. That said, if and when Yahoo! weaves together its isolated assets, they could have a truly awesome combined offering that’s unmatched in the industry.

The overall benefit of these individual assets should (and can still be) greater than the sum of the parts. I hope that Yahoo! can stay independent, and make this long-overdue integration project the focal point of a new plan of action.

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