This Week on the GigaOM Show: Cleantech VC Vinod Khosla


Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems and cleantech VC firm Khosla Ventures, is on a mission to foster clean energy technologies. He’s always fun to talk to, but in this week’s episode he gave Joyce and I the inside track on green transportation, biofuels, hybrids and getting the U.S. off its oil addiction. Download the episode here.



Mr Khosla, is easily one of the prominent tech pioneers of our era. I have never seen this man in media before (only read about him or seen his pictures). Great video!

By the Om, I noticed that your website is still showing WordPress icon in the URL. You can ask one of your techies to have it removed and embed Gigaom icon in it.

Just trying to help, I did a post on how to do this here –

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