Amazon S3 Is Down, How Is It Impacting You?


Amazon’s S3 cloud-based storage service went down earlier this morning, according to numerous tips we’ve received. The service has impacted many companies, including folks like Twitter. According to our tipsters, the service went down around 4:30 a.m., and is showing a 500 Internal Server Error message.

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So that’s why I can’t access it. I thought it was a problem with JungleDisk, but the reality is a little scarier. Time to start using a second online storage provider, I guess — maybe something that is reliable, like OmniDrive.
Yes, that’s a joke.

Ryan Detzel

Well, me personally…very little, I only host a few images on there for my personal site. The project I’m working on though was hit because it uses S3 for all of it’s images( but being the smart developer I am had a fail-safe built in so it switched over to using local images when S3 went down. It’s still not good but most people should have something like this in place.


It is not impacted because I built in redundancy. The people that are complaining probably didn’t. If you rely on a single point of storage for mission critical data, well then, you’ve got bigger problems.

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