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MTNL Launches Mobile TV Service

Well, it’s not DVB-H or Media FLO, if you were expecting that…PTI reports that MTNL has launched a mobile TV service on its 2G network in Delhi, which allows users to watch seven channels over GPRS. The service is priced at Rs. 50 per month for five channels, and I guess GPRS charges would be extra. This is a soft launch, and the commercial launch is planned for April. Others, including Airtel, Idea Cellular and Reliance Communications already have this service; usually, over the 2G networks, you get 15-17 frames per second and a poor quality picture, so it’s rather pointless. MTNL is present in only two cities – Delhi and Mumbai, and will remain a bit-player unless it’s integrated into the larger government owned telco – BSNL.

7 Responses to “MTNL Launches Mobile TV Service”

  1. The year 2008 has seen a moon landing, but nothing could move the mandrins to bring out an enabling policy on mobile TV. The year 2008 had begun with the TRAI announcing the policy guidelines for Mobile TV and it was hoped that the licensing of the service will take place soon, afterall India is the second largest mobile market in the World. However the hope was belied. With MTNL launching 3G soon, at least some users would be able to see what mobile TV would look like and hopefully this will bring some pressure for licensing of these services.

  2. I wonder how effective mobile advertising will be on these Mobile TV channels? Are these the normal Star,Sony channels we get or separate production houses?
    Also, the articles state that their would be a 4 minute lag compared to the normal Live television.

  3. Anyone tested the mobile Tv service of Mtnl. How many channels do they have and whats the frame rate.
    if it is not DVB-H and FLO than what is the technlogy used and what is the video format?

  4. It is a good move by MTNL considering that it has 8 Mhz of spectrum and 1.3M subscribers. This gives it a lot of leeway as against players such as Bharti which have 10 Mhz but 6 M subscribers.

    At Rs 349 a month and unlimited use it presents a good option for the users as well.