MWC Aftermath: The Industry


The Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) iPhone bandwagon rolls on. At this year



As with all other innovators that inevitably upset (and threaten) the status quo, there is criticism, frantic competition, ridicule, denial, and allegations of culthood to its proponents.

Why this "cult". It's really quite simple. The status quo defenders by definition are focused on their survival, growth and preventing change, all for their own profit and status. Apple is different. It has mission, as Apple (and Jobs) believe that if you give people products that are better designed, increase their personal power, are easier to learn, easier to use, and let them do what "the consumer" wants to do…that the consumer will reward them with success.

There will always be change. The question is who has the courage, will take the risk, and endure the wrath of the status defenders. Those who do, ultimately prosper. Those who refuse change and progress, will suffer the judgment of history.


Ceaser, you are spot on on the 'Think Different' attitude of Apple and when you brought up this point the impact it has on me on the Air becomes more apparent.
The problem is the rest did not see it as the way of thinking different because they are still in their old mindset of what should be the norm.
Great point.

Ceaser Miranda

Understanding Apple is simple. Actually I think it’s to simple for most to understand. Look at the “Think Different” commercial Apple put out. It’s not just a clever add. It’s a mission statement. Apple is not just out to sell you something, it’s out to change the way you think about everything you do with technology. It’s not interested in the status quo.

Apple is an innovations company now. Cell phones and MP3 players were just the start. If there is a market that Apple can profit upon by adding innovation, it will. Anything is fair game. If I was making a so called “status quo device”, I would be looking over my shoulder brother. Apple might just be coming after your market next.


Regarding MTV video downloads via iTunes, it is not such a surprising fact given that not only iPhones but also video iPods can be used, and video iPods have been in the market for a couple of years now.

It also confirms how small the number of people downloading videos to their mobile phones is via mobile carriers. Downloading a video OTA to a mobile phone usually has hefty data charges associated to it, so until operators start offering attractive data pricing, video downloads (or any other data intensive application) will remain low.

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