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YouTube Unveils Upcoming Features

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YouTube threw a party for ad folks in New York last night to show off what’s coming down its online video pike. Nope, we weren’t invited, but luckily Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus, was. Even better — he blogged about it. Here’s a recap:

  • YouTube’s Active Sharing lets you share which videos you’re watching, as you are watching them.
  • The site will offer video recommendations based on what you are watching, similar to Amazon product recommendations.
  • There will be upgraded video editing tools.
  • Content will be distributed across different platforms — from mobile phones to big-screen TVs (we’re not bullish on mobile video, but Panasonic already announced its YouTube-enabled TV at CES).

Shafer was most excited about new analytics tools that let you see where plays are coming from, site-wise and geographically. That’s something data-hungry execs can get excited about.

The one thing not on that list? HD. At NewTeeVee Live, Steve Chen said he wasn’t concerned about HD, but his mantra of “good enough” won’t do if he wants people to watch on the big screen.

8 Responses to “YouTube Unveils Upcoming Features”

  1. @Tom… you said “USG is not something you can advertise on.”.

    USG (user generated content) IS something you CAN advertise on.

    It’s just many advertisers are choosing not to advertise there. That’s a choice they are making. They don’t want their brand appearing next to just anything (for various reasons).

    Some are finding way to advertise even on USG.

    For example, if you target based on the viewer (instead of the content of the USG), then you can effectively advertise on USG.

    — Charles Iliya Krempeaux

  2. Great, but execs don’t want info from one video platform. There are like 20 or more video platforms out there, I want metrics across all of them. Something divinity Metrics or one of those metrics companies provides. Plus, USG is not something you can advertise on.

  3. HD is gonna be a must for YouTube, eventually. As higher resolutions become ubiquitous, SD will be harder for the average consumer to stomach in light of plenty of alternatives. However, with YouTube’s emphasis on ugc it’s unlikely that they’ll be hit hard until their content creators upgrade their $200 Handicams to an HD-equipped model.