jkOnTheRun video: iPhone eBook reading with TextOnPhone


Yesterday I mentioned TextOnPhone, an eBook web app for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Here’s an eleven-minute walkthrough to give you an idea of what it offers. I specifically did this demo in a “worst-case” scenario by using EDGE, i.e.; I shut my WiFi radio off on the iPhone. You can see the performance of the experience, which overall, I think is very good. The application wisely caches ahead a number of pages so that you really don’t need to wait for pages to load. There are some basic user customization settings and some excellent eBook reading lists and I’m very impressed that the app remembers where you left off in a book. Overall, I was pretty impressed in the short time I’ve used TextOnPhone.


Richard Herley

Thanks for the demo; that’s really nice. I have published 5 novels (unprotected) at http://www.richardherley.com which I’d really like to upload to TextOnPhone, but I haven’t got an iPhone and can’t get past their home page. If any kind soul out there (having first looked at & approved my stuff) could do the upload for me, I’d be really grateful.

The future of reading is unfurling by the minute!


Pretty nice, I wonder what the deal is with ‘Seven Habits’ – strange that it should be free.

There is a ‘similar’ service for regular cell phones, http://www.booksinmyphone.com they give away books also but in that case you download and install the whole book in one go. That means you can read anywhere with or without connectivity, which is great for the many who don’t have internet on their phones yet. The reader takes advantage of the phone keypad for control and so uses the whole screen for text.


Excellent! I’ll try it on my Touch, too. Thanks so much for doing this video.

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