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Zapak Launches Cartoon Network Games, Fantasy Cricket Game

Zapak, Reliance Entertainment’s casual gaming portal, has launched casual games from the Cartoon Network stable. Zapak currently features 17 games, while Cartoon Network’s own site has 32. Interesingly, not many of the games are common between the two sites; I just noticed one – Midflight Snack.

Apart from this content, I also noticed that Zapak has also gone down the Fantasy Cricket Game path, launching what they’re calling “God of Cricket”…”for intelligent cricket fans only”. The fantasy cricket game has been launched around the tri-nation Cricket series being played in Australia. This competes with Cricinfo’s own fantasy cricket, as well as ESPN-Star Sports’ Super Selector, which gets significant airtime on TV during the channel’s cricket coverage. Zapak is offering a total of Rs. 70,000 in prizes, some in cash, some as gift vouchers.

17 Responses to “Zapak Launches Cartoon Network Games, Fantasy Cricket Game”

  1. Isn't there a copyright to be obtained for making games with other people's content? Can I too make Cartoon Network games without infringing any copyright? I guess Zapak has either gained the copyright or is violating them.