WWD Coffee Break: Xambox, Link Bunches & Traffic


ScreenshotOne for the Paper Lovers – The Xambox is a new device from Xamance, a French company. Their site is in French, but there’s an English promotional video up on YouTube. The device is reminiscent of the Fujitsu ScanSnap, but with a twist. In addition to scanning documents to indexed PDFs, it also files the hard copies for you in a special tray. If you ever need the actual piece of paper, the application will tell you where to find it – “three places beyond the black divider,” for example.

If you’re in a business where you feel you have to keep the originals, but don’t want to be bothered with filing them, this looks like an interesting solution to getting a hybrid paperless-paperful office going. No pricing information that I can see, and I can’t find an obvious place to order one, but perhaps our eagle-eyed readers can help.

Send a Bunch of Links – LinkBunch is a link-shortening service (similar to the selection we reviewed a while back), but with a twist: you can enter a whole list of links, and it will give you one shorter link to represent them all. The recipient clicks the LinkBunch link to get back to the list, and can then visit individual pages or open them all in tabs.

The Reporting of CrowdsCommuter Feed is a free service that turns Twitter into an ad-hoc traffic reports network. Twitterers send in their traffic and accident reports tagged by city airport code, and the aggregate is searchable on their web site. It’s an interesting idea, but of course it depends on people actually reporting, which means it’s most useful in major tech-metro areas. They’ve also got a small spam problem.



Actually our recent “spam” on Commuter Feed wasn’t spam per se.. It was legitimate traffic reporting. We just got plugged into the feed for the Thailand expressway authority, where we received traffic speed reports from Bangkok once every 30 seconds… Needless to say, its been resolved.

Thanks for the writeup.

Ron (Founder, Commuter Feed)

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