ThinkPad X300: light in weight, heavy on price due to SSD

X300Rumors have been swirling around the Lenovo ThinkPad X300, and today Walt Mossberg shares some details on the device. There’s no doubt that the notebook will be continuously compared to the MacBook Air based on the size, footprint and weight. It too will have a large display for a "sub-notebook": 13-inches. Along with that full-sized display will be a non-cramped keyboard in a package that weighs 3.12-pounds. After that, things get diffferent between the two devices.

The X300 will include an integrated optical drive, removable battery, three USB ports, RJ-45 jack for wired Ethernet, and options for integrated wireless broadband and a GPS radio. Walt says that unlike the MacBook Air, where the expensive SSD is optional, the X300 will only be available with an SSD drive for 64-Gigabytes of storage. Of course, that adds a hefty premium right up front, so the starting price for the X300 is expected to be over $2,500. Operating sytem preferences aside, the X300 sounds as though it could be a little more flexible for road warriors and true mobile users, but we’ll get a better idea when we see some additional specifications, such as choice of CPU and memory configurations.