Hands on with Readius e-ink… both hands

Readius2Our podcasting partner-in-crime, Matt Miller, is over in Barcelona covering the Mobile World Congress this week and he got a good look at the Readius e-Ink device. It impressed him so much that he’s passing up a potential Amazon Kindle purchase and considering this device from Polymer Vision because it can also serve as a cellular phone. I’d be curious to see what kind of eBook content might appear on this device because it sounded like the Polymer Vision folks indicated their own eBook format in the video that Matt shot.

I highly recommend you view the video Matt took; I’ve watched it twice because something jumped out at me and I wanted to double-check it. From what I can see the device was held the entire time with two hands. I’m sure (well… hoping, really) that this was just for display purposes. Even if so, the device controls look to be usable only by the left hand. I’ll have to check with Matt on this one, but a burning question in my mind: can you flip the device so that it can be primarily used with the right hand? Although I would assume so, I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of the device with the screen rotated 180-degrees.


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