Dell reminder: the Latitude XT Tablet PC is available


DelllatitudexttabletfeaturesDell is sending out subtle reminders in case you forgot to go an order yourself a Latitude XT Tablet PC. jkOTR reader citivolus received an e-mail and reminded us about the reminder. This is what happens when you get old… you get reminded of reminders… and hey, where did I put my glasses? Oh wait, they’re on my head.

So what do they say in the e-mail here (shown to the right). One of the lightest and thinnest tablets at 12.1-inches. Dual-input with pen and touch… no mention of multi-touch which, along with the capacitive touch method, is poised to be the biggest differentiator of this tablet with its peers. However, it’s safe to not mention it here since that functionality won’t be seen for a few months. Maybe Rob will have some more info on that though a recent interview with N-Trig? Anyway, no news on any price drops; the base is still starting at $2,499 on the product page. Anybody in the market for the XT at this point? Most of the prior commentary pointed towards "no" due to the combination of price and specs…



I thought about it long and hard, but until the multitouch capability is there, I can’t really justify the expense… I’ll pass/wait to see if they make this available in the near future.


I was in the market for a Dell, but after configuring a Dell and seeing the astronomical price, I went with the Toshiba M700 for ~$1,500 less.

Ordered it today in fact.


The features are attractive, but I’d prefer a 10″ version in a 9.5″ x 7.5″ body weighing 2.5 lb. A 3.6/4.1 lb tablet in an 11.3″ x 8.6″ x 1.0″/1.2″ body does not meet my needs.

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