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Writers Vote To End Strike; New Contract Still Must Be Ratified

It ended right at the 100-day mark: 92.5 percent of the 3,775 members of the Writers Guild of America who cast their ballots today voted to end their work stoppage. However, as the NYT pointed out, members must still vote to accept the new contract hammered out between producers and union officials this past weekend. While nothing is certain, the overwhelming number of WGA members who agreed to end the strike suggests that ratification of the new contract may just be a formality at this point.

So far the early heroes are News Corp (NYSE: NWS). COO Peter Chernin and Disney (NYSE: DIS) CEO Bob Iger, who helped open the doors to further talks with WGA officials and paved the way for the deal, which involves giving writers an increase in the payment for digital distribution of entertainment beyond the terms of a recent deal between Hollywood producers and the Directors Guild of America. As for any lessons from the strike, CBS (NYSE: CBS) CEO Leslie Moonves, also involved in breaking the impasse, said producers might want to convene more often with the unions: “We shouldn

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  1. What's this nonsense all about? I haven't noticed any deterioration in the quality of what I see on television because there's been almost NOTHING worth watching for many years. Hollywood can simply go away as far as I'm concerned.