Why We Love Our BlackBerry (Outages)


It was the groan heard round the world. BlackBerrys across the continent suffered outages for the second time in 10 months yesterday. The only thing funnier than the panic felt by millions of executives left with no option but to actually pay attention during meetings is the fact that it coincided with the device’s latest ad campaign, “Ask Someone Why They Love Their BlackBerry.” Never one to pass up a joke, we imagined how some people would have responded if asked during yesterday’s blackout.


“With the service down, I can’t receive my termination letter. And the added mobility means they can’t fire me if they can’t catch me.” — Yahoo employee

“Excellent. No service mean smartphone users are isolated, scared. One might say, they are in Danger-ous territory. Mwah-ahh-ahh!” — Steve Ballmer

“I rely on network outages. Otherwise I’d never get a break from Ballmer.” — Jerry Yang

“No service = no workage. I can play hooky all day and Om will never know!” — Me

“Why do I love Blackberry? They just saved me millions in customer acquisition costs.” — Steve Jobs

Why do you love your intermittent Blackberry service? Drop a witty comment.


Totally Pink

i didnt now why people loves black berry so i chucked in goggle to see why they love it. ya i know it haves very new programs that but i dont think that i will die to get one no but when you see peoples have and they say nice things you feel sad that you dont have one like it but steel i dont now why they like it :'(


Blackberry = millions of messages and 2 outages

Treo = no mail (can you get an outage on a device that never receives mail in the first place?)

Windows Mobile = another bad idea from the windows camp


I didn’t even notice the downtime and come on, 3 hours. Give me a break. There’s other things in life to be more concerned about. Nothing is perfect, so why should RIM be? If you need to check email, there’s always the old desktop.

Jen, writer MembershipMillionaire.com

Well, I don’t own a blackberry and will probably never own one either. We don’t use them in our country but I do find the answers above to be funny. Sometimes, I wonder how people got so addicted to blackberries when they already have mobile phones with all sorts of features in them. I guess people will never really be satisfied unless new stuff comes along.

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