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G.M. Reports $722M Loss in Q4: Citing the slowing economy and heavy losses from the automaker’s finance arm, the loss translates to a dip of $1.28 a share. Hopefully the recently repriced Volt will recharge the company’s stock – New York Times.

Redwood Trees Lose in Court to Solar Panels: Two neighbors have gone to court over one’s redwood trees that are overshadowing the other’s solar panel array. Talk about a real NIBMY situation – KQED.

Who Is the Greenest Utility in All the Land?: The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, in its second national review of utility companies’ energy efficiency programs, found California-based PG&E and Minnesota-based XCel to have some of the best initiatives – GreenBiz.

It Could Cost $50 to Drive an SUV in London: London Mayor Ken Livingstone has a new strategy to rid the city of smog – charge owners £25 per day to drive vehicles emitting 225 grammes of carbon dioxide per kilometre – Times Online.

Bloomberg’s Threat List: Terror, Nukes, Global Warming: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg addressing a U.N. summit on climate change said that he takes global warming very seriously as it “has the potential to kill everybody” – TreeHugger.


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