Nielsen Eyes Tracking Web Video

Ratings powerhouse Nielsen is looking to extend its tracking services into online video. According to AdAge, Nielsen’s strategy is to measure video across all platforms, whether it be TV, online, mobile phone or other personal media player.

To accomplish this, Nielsen wants to install metering devices on computers in Nielsen family homes that would measure all kinds of video streaming and web navigation. Though during an initial survey, only 44 out of 98 respondents said they would agree to such an intrusion.

Between oldteevee, network sites like and video aggregators like Hulu, the lines between viewing options is blurring, and advertisers want a better sense of who’s watching what where. Are people consuming entire shows in one sitting, or are they breaking up their viewing?

Once the only game in town, Nielsen faces increased competition from the likes of TiVo, TNS and Google. If it doesn’t act now, Nielsen could be tuned out as TV undergoes its transformation.