Cleantech Bits: Bloo and Blu-ray


Many cleantech startups prefer to operate on the DL as they work on science-heavy risky technology in “stealth” for up to years at a time. So when we hear little details about companies that prefer to keep their goings on quiet, we take notice. From around the eco blogosphere this morning, we bring you three bits: Bloo Solar and two LED startups, Kaai and Soraa, who are also working on Blu-ray technology.

The unfortunately-named Bloo Solar, which Media.Cleantech profiles this morning, is a Sacramento, Calif.-area startup that has been in stealth for three years and is using nanotechnology to make solar photovoltaics more efficient at capturing sunlight. The company plans on using cadmium telluride (like First Solar) to make “nano bristles,” which are vertical structures that can help a panel produce twice as much power. Nothing to be blue about there.

The other stealth tip we heard comes from CNET’s interview with new Khosla Ventures parter Ford Tamer (whom we’ve also quoted in the past.) Tamer says that Khosla’s LED lighting startups Kaai and Soraa are also working on a successor to the Blu-ray standard. Of course Tamer doesn’t provide many details on what that would entail, but with Blu-ray making recent headway, why not work on its future?



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