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HotOrNot Sold To Canadian Investors; Price Tag: $20 Million — Or Not

A bit of mystery surrounding tonight’s reports that HotOrNot has been sold to investors associated with Canadian company Avid Life Media. TechCrunch, which broke the news and confirmed it with co-founder James Hong, puts the price at around $20 million. But Wired’s Epicenter reports that Hong “took issue” with that number when reached for comment and confirmation. He said “there were ‘very few people on the deal and there’s no reason for us to tell anyone’ about the price.” He didn’t share any of the financials. HotOrNot never took funding and reportedly has been profitable for years.

Hong and Jim Young founded the site in 2000 and it quickly became a pop culture catchphrase. Hong told Epicenter neither will be involved in the site after the sale; he said it will be rolled up with other properties into something called HotOrNot Media. He told TechCrunch: “We

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