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The Young Faces of Cleantech VCs: Forbes profiles a trio of talented venture capitalists, wise beyond their years, who are shaping the cleantech venture world – Forbes.

Thin-Film Solar Ascent Gets New HQ: Ascent Solar has purchased 120,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space for several 25 megawatt solar module production lines, the first of which is scheduled for completion in 2009 – Ascent Solar.

Super Tuesday Confirms Carbon Cap and Trade: One thing is certain following Super Tuesday’s results – we’ll be getting a cap and trade system for carbon emissions with the next president, be it with Clinton, McCain or Obama – Cleantech Blog.

Carbon Capture on Your Car: Researchers at Georgia Tech are exploring the idea of splitting hydrocarbon fuel to make hydrogen power while capturing the remaining carbon – Green Car Congress.

VC Believes in Fusion in Five Years: Wal van Lierop, CEO of Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, said “Within five years, large companies will start to think about building fusion reactors” – CNet News.


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