Starbucks Ditching T-Mobile, Adopting AT&T for Hotspots


[digg=]If you’re a nomadic worker, one of the modern marvels of today’s technology is being able to hop on a wi-fi hotspot and get some work done.  This is why having a T-Mobile hotspot account has been so great for coffee-house workers.  Starbucks are virtually everywhere, especially in the United States.  Since 2001, T-Mobile has been the hotspot provider for Starbucks.AT&T

Not any more, as Glen Flieshman has pointed out. T-Mobile has been dropped by Starbucks in favor of AT&T as their wi-fi provider.  So now in addition to McDonalds, AT&T subscribers can add thousands of Starbucks to the number of locations they can get online and work.

The good news is that just for having a Starbucks card, you get 2 free hours of wi-fi a day.  Presumably this means that for just by making a purchase with your Starbucks card, you get 2 free hours of net access.

Additionally, AT&T lowered the price to $4 a day for a two hours of access, compared to T-Mobile’s $6-10 per hour charge.  AT&T is going to charge $20/month for unlimited access to wi-fi, the same as T-Mobile’s rate.  If you have AT&T DSL, you receive wi-fi access for free as a part of your monthly DSL rate.

For more info, check out AT&T’s press release.

Update: As Kevin pointed out in the comments, T-Mobile wi-fi customers will still be able to get online in Starbucks, under an agreement between AT&T and T-Mobile.  The details can be found in the press release mentioned above.



Cool. Now ATT can violate the federal wiretapping laws and report to the government anything you do from Starbucks, too.

Jermaine M

Just when I was looking at dropping AT&T DSL this news comes out. Guess AT&T will keep me as a DSL customer after all.


I just moved and my new neighborehood is only serviced by AT&T. They did not tell me I would only be able to have the basic speed as my fastest speed option. am with T-mobil and pretty happy , but this new deal with Starbucks has me looking at making a change with my T-Mobile contract coming up to expire. If AT&T wireless will start offering a better airtime for the money deal , I would switch , so that I coud bundle my services , and save some sweet coin. Good article.


Hmm. But what about the poor shmucks who aren’t T-Mobile customers, but signed that yearly contract for $29.99 a month to access HotSpot services. What happens to them? Will T-Mobile still expect them to pay $29.99 per month for a service that AT&T is offering (ostensibly) for free?

Adam Kalsey

AT&T’s wifi is only free for their business class DSL customers at the top tiers of service. If you’re a residential subscriber or use the entry-level business packages, you can add unlimited wifi for $2 per month.


AT&T? Sounds like this might be related to Starbucks partnerships with Apple. Free wifi for iphone/itouch users coming soon?

Jason Harris

Hey Kevin..thanks for commenting. I never said in my post that T-Mobile users were out in the cold, I just stated that Starbucks has switched to AT&T for their wi-fi hotspot service provider.

However, to avoid confusion, I added an update to the post.

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