Starbucks adds AT&T WiFi, works deal to keep T-Mobile too

StarbuckslogoNope, Starbucks isn’t dumping T-Mobile out with the old coffee grinds. According to an AT&T press release, Starbucks is adding AT&T wireless service to their java locations, but a separate Starbucks release indicates that T-Mobile customers won’t be left in the cold.For AT&T folks, here’s the deal:

  • Every Starbucks Card member gets two free hours of WiFi per day.
  • AT&T Broadband and U-Verse customers get unlimited WiFi at Starbucks.
  • Two hours of WiFi costs $3.99 a session
  • Unlimited WiFi is $19.99 a month through AT&T

Good to see T-Mobile customers not getting the shaft here and the two hour plan sounds like a decent deal. It’s just about the right amount of time it takes me to drink a Venti and it actually costs less!Interesting how everyone is saying that T-Mobile service got dumped. Did nobody else check the Starbucks press center? ;)


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