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jkOnTheRun video: walkthrough of MSN Direct on Windows Mobile

So what exactly does that MSN Direct download bring to your Windows Mobile device? In this under-seven-minute video I give you a quick walkthrough using my Dash; a Windows Mobile 6 device. There’s a few opportunities for improvement in the application, but if you want basic News, Weather and Stocks on your Today screen (and you have enough room for them), this could be useful. There are plenty of third party applications that can provide the same info, if not more, but not all of them are free. Then again, I’m not sure I’d call this implementation “free” exactly; no it doesn’t cost you anything, but there’s a fair share of ads. They’re not obtrusive, but they’re there as you’ll see in the video.

4 Responses to “jkOnTheRun video: walkthrough of MSN Direct on Windows Mobile”

  1. A direct link to the video in your posts that have embedded video would be appreciated by those of us browsing the site via PIE using the FlashVideoBundle workaround to view YouTube videos. Please!

  2. I can’t view your video until this evening, but I quite like the level of functionality I get.

    Things I’d like to see (after my limited use):

    1. Ability to add Time and date to the left or right of the home screen panel. It’s designed for 240 wide screens and my 320 wide Q9m has space for time/date and would use up the wasted space.

    2. Add Hi/Lo to the temperature displayed on the Home screen.

    3. Ability to turn off sections which are not required.