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Broadband Content to be Eligible for Prime-time Emmys

I’d tune in to see Hayden Black walk the Emmys red carpet dressed up in Abigail’s X-rated Teen Diary character — wouldn’t you? Well, we might just have our chance this year. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is announcing Monday it will consider broadband content for all existing prime-time Emmy award categories in September.

The move is a fast step up, considering the first Internet Emmy was handed out in 2006. Then, web shows were included for the first time last year, though they were relegated to the pre-ceremony before the live telecast. (Last year It’s Jerry Time won the variety category, NBC’s The Office: Accountants minisodes won for comedy, PBS’ Cyberchase won the children’s category, and Satacracy 88 won drama.)

Now, broadband shows will be considered the same as network and cable contenders in categories for drama, comedy, variety/musical shows, “long form” including mini-series, made-for-television movies, reality shows, non-fiction filmmaking and prime-time animation.

The eligibility rules for broadband participants have not yet been posted, but they will eventually be available here. “I can tell you that people should be realistic about what will be accepted by the Academy. Winning a Primetime Emmy is a prestigious honor. As such, they will be extending the same dedication to the recognition of excellence in broadband delivered content as they have to cable and network television delivered content,” said spokesperson Paula Gould of Marketingworks. The submission deadline is March 28.

Meanwhile, it’s looking more and more likely that an end to the writers’ strike is imminent. Under the terms of the proposed contract, web shows that cost a lot to produce and/or come from professional writers will be covered. Hey hey online video, there’s a lot of legitimacy coming your way this week!

10 Responses to “Broadband Content to be Eligible for Prime-time Emmys”

  1. There are only 2 shows online right now that could compete with Primetime shows, and one of them already won an Emmy last year. Nothing else has come out since Satacracy 88 that is really that good.
    The other show was made by a network, so indie online producers have a long way to go.