Dave Morgan, AOL’s EVP-Global Advertising Strategy, Leaving For Startup World Again

Dave Morgan, the founder of online advertising firms RealMedia (which later became 24/7RealMedia and sold to WPP for $649 million) and Tacoda, is leaving AOL (NYSE: TWX) exactly three months after being appointed EVP-Global Advertising Strategy, according to an internal memo we obtained. The official announcement will come later today. Morgan came to AOL after he sold his behavioral advertising company Tacoda to it in September, for about $275 million.

The memo, sent by Ron Grant, COO of AOL, outlines a rather cordial parting of ways, and when I reached Morgan last evening by phone, he confirmed his departure, and echoed the thoughts. From the text of the memo:

“Dave has worked side by side with Curt to make sure the integration of Tacoda — his baby — went smoothly…Dave helped us define and implement our vision for Platform-A. We


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