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Yahoo Tech Ticker Launches Monday

Yahoo’s new web video show, Tech Ticker, starts on Monday. The program, which will focus on tech stocks, is to release four to eight videos each day. Earlier reports had said the show would be live, but it will be entirely on demand, according to Yahoo spokesperson Brian Nelson.

The team is fronted by Aaron Task, formerly of, reporting from NASDAQ; and Sarah Lacy, BusinessWeek columnist and author of an upcoming book about the moguls of Web 2.0, reporting from Yahoo HQ in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Tech Ticker will also include contributions from Henry Blodget, the former analyst and now blogger at Silicon Alley Insider, and Andy Kessler, the former analyst and hedge fund manager and current business author. Run by former CNBC producer Diane Galligan, the show will have high production values, said Nelson. He compared Tech Ticker to Yahoo Music’s Nissan Live Sets, rather than the ambitious and discontinued live financial news network Yahoo FinanceVision.

Segments are to last 2-3 minutes and will include stand-up discussions, mini-documentaries, and interviews. They will be distributed on the Tech Ticker site and also included on relevant stock pages on Yahoo Finance. Yahoo hasn’t cut any formal syndication deals, but it will make each video embeddable.

Galligan promises in an introductory blog post,

We are Yahoo! Finance boosters (we rock!), but that won’t translate into favoritism when it comes to covering Yahoo! as a company or an investment. From Jerry Yang on down, executives here have given us not only the freedom, but the mandate, to call it as we see it.

We’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see Tech Ticker’s take on the hottest tech stock story of the moment: their company’s efforts to stave off Microsoft. Update: The video is embedded above.

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  1. I’m glad to see them trying to save the jobs of so many with a little innovation. The money spent on these projects could seem like too little too late , but I really think the head cheese is gonna flow better if some fresh ideas are put into action right away and run by those with a proven track record , rather than one company of half wittted blandness run by those with yesterdays vision. Go , headcheese !