Weekend Coffee Break: Flickr Client, RSS Tracking & a Horror Story

ScreenshotFlickr for Mac UsersPhotonic is a new third-party client for Flickr that runs in Mac OS X. Instead of accessing Flickr through the web, you get a dedicated browser application on your desktop. You can see your own or your friends’ streams, search, and even set up and perform bulk uploads. When you’re ready to work with a particular photo, double-click and Photonic opens the appropriate web page for you.

Currently in beta (but reasonably stable), Photonic only runs on Leopard and is set to sell for $20.

Tracking Google ReadersRSSmeme is a new service that shows the activities of Google Reader users by tracking and aggregating shared Google Reader feeds. It has various slices of the activity, including what’s going on right now as well as a “popular this week” page. You can also set up your own search that looks at Google Reader feeds – and if you like, consume that search (or any other page on the site) as its own RSS feed. Reminiscent of ReadBurner, but with a nicer design and apparently more active development.

A Cautionary TaleApophenia relays the story of a user who got his Orkut account phished and was very soon locked out of 4 years of GMail archives, as well as calendar and other Google services. There’s a happy ending in this case, but others in the comments were not so lucky. It is worth thinking about whether you’ve got data out there hanging by a thread that you might want to back up somehow.


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