Skyfire beta launches- no VGA support


Sinking_shipI’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was anxiously awaiting getting their hands on the beta of Skyfire, an innovative server-based browser for Windows Mobile devices.  The folks at Skyfire probably noticed the recent announcements by Opera and Access because I received an email from Skyfire tonight that warned me a text message would be sent to the phone number provided during the beta sign-up process.  Shortly after that a text message appeared on my HTC Advantage which is the phone I used during the sign-up and it included a link to download Skyfire.  I did so and installed Skyfire but it will not run on the Advantage.  It crashes as soon as it tries to run and I suspected it’s probably due to the VGA resolution on the Advantage.  I just went to the Skyfire support web site (which requires a login using credentials supplied during the installation process) and see from the FAQ that Skyfire doesn’t support VGA resolution devices.  This means I can’t run it on the Advantage, the only Windows Mobile device I use, and the FAQ gives no indication that Skyfire will ever support VGA.  Too bad, they are just starting and already behind the competition, all of which can run fine on VGA screens.  Come on Skyfire, what’s up with that?  You want us to believe you are better than Internet Explorer, Opera Mobile and Netfront, all of which can run on VGA screens.  Shame on you for only supporting a maximum resolution of 320×320 according to the FAQ.  Last I checked this is 2008.  Those of you running QVGA devices note that you can only install and run Skyfire on the device attached to the phone number you gave during the beta sign-up.  If you gave a number for a device that is not a supported WIndows Mobile device thinking you could install it on any device you likely can’t get it.



Hah! computer = compare. I guess you can see where my brain is at today… ; )


I wouldn’t get too hasty with the shame-on-you’s – this is a new product, and it wouldn’t make sense to go all out with supporting everything when they’re beta testing the core functionality. I see nothing at all wrong with starting with the 320 x 240 non-vga variety, since this is where a large market exists for the product for testing.

I am sure once they get it good and tested they will expand the devices that are supported. Why in the world would you computer a brand new beta-level application with an established product like Mobile IE or Opera?!?!

Mike Reilly

I signed up on 2 Feb, and received an email confirmation then, but as of now, I have not received a text message. Are they sending text messages throughout the day, or do you think maybe I gave them the wrong phone #?

Should I go on their site and sign up again? I have a Samsung i730, so it should work okay when I get it.


about opera mobile 9.5, from what i have read its supposed to support flash light. but how that translates to youtube or similar i dont know…

but all in all, this is a nasty setback. if it had worked with vga or larger, it would make for a very intersting browser in combo with redfly, when that starts shipping.


on my 8525, when i followed the link with the netfront browser (which is default), it said my device wasn’t supported. I then typed in the link in internet explorer, and it worked.
Just a heads up to everyone.

Tax Man

Yeah, they had me going for a minute too. I got the email like you did and I was so eager to download it on my Advantage only to get a message that said thanks for confirming the Beta. Your device is not supported at this time. Bleh!


Mann!!! this really s**ks
I had been in a wait for a browser that can do flash video like youtube or to watch those video online.
Skyfire was the only one promising until i just read your post that it will not support VGA.
Opera and Netfront hasnt said a thing about the youtube support either.
Opera 8.65 on my U1000 is fine altho certainly there could be alot more improvement, but the only thing that it is lacking is no video flash support.
Some might have tried the TCPMP plug-in, but who would want to switch application on mobile device.

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