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Netfront 3.5 available early, as in now

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Kevin told us about the impressive-looking new version of Netfront 3.5 for the Windows Mobile platform.  The only problem was the beta version was not going to be available until Feb. 11.  Access threw us for a loop and the new version of Netfront is actually available now for download.  It’s going on the HTC Advantage right now as a matter of fact.  My impressions will follow shortly.

11 Responses to “Netfront 3.5 available early, as in now”

  1. I got it installed on my 8525. So far it is working fine. Page loading is quick over 3g. I had v3.4 and this new version is faster. First run I like it, but I haven’t played with all the features yet.

  2. Boca here again…Just realized I was browsing with EDGE, not WiFi.
    The page loading is very fast indeed. I am going through the BBC site as if I was directly connected to their server.


  3. Loaded it onto the Advantage (Which I am using to post this comment).
    When it first loaded, the font on every page looked rough as hell, but a soft reboot later and all is good.

    It is not bad… noticeably quicker than IE, and the bookmarking section is very nicely done.

    Not sure that I see the point in the way they have handled the zoom feature. It is not the same as the iPod Touch, and I am not sure if it adds anything. Maybe I am not doing it right!

    The scrolling is nice though.
    I will stick with this instead of Opera a bit longer, and see how it goes though.

  4. Yeah, can’t get it to load at all, I’m trying to reload the rom from scratch. I opened up the program and my display froze, I then tried to do a reset and got nothing.
    I’ll keep you updated.

  5. Ouch, completely bricked? have you done soft or hard reset? it didn’t give me any problems at install or while running, that’s strange. it’s just not the next safari killer for me.

  6. i’m testing it right now in my sprint touch. it’s ok so far. can’t play youtube. i have to mess around a lot with the many display settings.
    it’s not as simple as the latest opera mini but i think it has potential