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Friday Night Lights: Go Watch it Tonight

This is me doing my bit to save the best show on network TV, Friday Night Lights on NBC. EW is reporting, not a huge surprise, that NBCU is still not sure of whether to extend the series, and is considering whether to shop the show to another network rather than cancel it. So go try and watch it tonight, even if you haven’t seen it before…do your bit. Ben, you better not do this….

Last week at the LHG theater in LA, the cast and crew did an advance screening of an episode followed by a hugely entertaining Q&A with the writer, the director and most of the cast. I (and my wife) did the amateur paparazzi bit on the not-so-red red carpet and then inside the theater. My pics on Flickr here. (Thanks to Brian Seth Hurst for getting us in.)

Friday Night Lights Meet

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