WooMe Woos Another $3 Million


Online speed dating site WooMe said today it’s received a $3 million bridge round of financing led by Mangrove, along with previous investors Atomico (founded by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis), Klaus Hammels and newcomer Oliver Jung. This builds on the initial $1.9 million in seed funding WooMe previously raised.

The service launched 10 weeks ago at NewTeeVee Live, and while WooMe won’t say exactly how many registered users it has, Co-founder and CEO Stephen Stokols says WooMe has facilitated more than 35,000 sessions so far. (Check out our previous coverage to learn more about sessions and how WooMe works.) According to Stokols, the company is running about a thousand sessions a day, and roughly 3.5 sessions per person per week, with the average user spending seven minutes on the site, a number that has doubled in the last month.

WooMe will use the bridge round to continue to build out and hone the service. They’ve made some tweaks already. Sessions used to be scheduled out in advance, but users wanted more immediate gratification, so sessions can now be scheduled for three minutes from now instead of three hours from now. Additionally, users didn’t like that they only had one minute per person, so now they can control the time allotted with each participant. And WooMe is looking to build IM features into the service so people don’t have to log off and then fire up AIM or Messenger to continue talking.

The company plans on generating revenue through the sale of “WooCredits,” which can be used to unlock contact information of two “Wooers,” and through session sponsorships.

Stokols said this bridge round gives them some breathing room before going after another $8 million to $10 million later this year.



I found WooMee to be different from others I have tried. I like it’s design and features. No doubt this site will be one of the major players in online dating. Wish I thought of it! LOL Also saw the WooMe presentation – very cool, espacially like the fact that people are using the speed platform. Thats nice to see.

Matt Brown-Reugg

Chris, do you remember that time when you tried speed dating?

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