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Some 500 million online greeting cards are sent each year, according to the Greeting Card Association (yes, I really did look that up). What with the increased accessibility and options for online video, it makes sense that cards would start to incorporate it. But…the video e-cards I’ve seen from blinkBox (which includes licensed snippets of movies) and VIDiGREET (which is actually much better than the last time I looked at it) haven’t really inspired me. Maybe it’s just we all use Facebook walls instead of Blue Mountain Arts these days.


I do think there’s room in the market, though, for a video version of the cynical and witty And I kinda of get the sense that’s what was going for. It’s not a bullseye, but you might find something you like. The site is a project of, an online video production company that placed in one of our Pier Screenings contests last summer., which went live this week, is mostly an advertisement for 10ton’s services, co-founder Matt Semel tells us, but could be used for branded e-cards to bring in some dough.

No embeds, so you’ll have to make do with the screenshot above or go check out the (quite pretty) site for yourself.



Very cool on the embedded cards thing. That’s cool technology. I love how these sites work these days.

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