HP wants to sell you a Tablet PC


We always give OEMs a hard time for not trying to promote their Tablet PCs to the consumer so when they do so it’s only fair to give them a plug.  HP wants to sell you a 2710p and have produced a nice video to help do so.  Kudos to you, HP.




stupid hp !!!
tc1100 is the best form for tablet pc
i agree james
“I still think of the TC1100 as one of the ultimate tablet form factors and wish they would bring it back”


A warning: be careful about buying a Tablet to use ink in Office 2007.

There are a number of people unable to use inking in Office 2007 on their tablets and Microsoft is not responding. This applies for both XP Tablet and Vista, and a variety of hardware. It’s an Office problem because inking works elsewhere (input panel, OneNote) — just not Word or PowerPoint. It’s frustrating because it significantly reduces the utility of the tablet for some of us.

So be careful before purchasing–if your only purpose is to ink in Word/PowerPoint like mine was, you could have trouble, and no (free) help from MS to deal with *their* bug.


Sure looked like a TC1100 to me, I’m still using mine and there doesn’t look like a real replacement in sight. It’s still pretty usable with Vista and Onenote 2007 but they’re times I wish it had a little more power to multitask smoother.


Is it just me or did they show a TC1100 near the end of the video (the “HP Night Light” frame)? Why would they show a long-discontinued (and greatly missed) model in a promotional video for the 2710p? I still think of the TC1100 as one of the ultimate tablet form factors and wish they would bring it back.


My tc1100 finally died yesterday. I swear they will nonetheless have to pry it from my cold dead hands. All of HP’s offerings are notebooks which swivel. And 1.1 inches thin-give me a break. By now we should have a 1/4″ thick tablet-think i phone but with tc1100’s length and width. Til then its motion or maybe an Air as the lightweight backup.Ugh!

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