Forget Skyfire, Opera: NetFront 3.5 previews next week



Is the mobile browsing activity getting crazy busy or what? No worries because all this competition gives us more choice in the end. The application du jours is NetFront and Access plans to have their Windows Mobile Concept Version available in four short days. They say “concept” not just because it’s beta, but also because they’re looking for your feedback. If you do grab the download on Monday, it should work on your device through May of this year; after that we’ll either have another beta version to look at or they’ll be offering the real deal.Much like what we’ve recently previewed from SkyFire and Opera Mobile, NetFront offers a more intelligent zooming feature plus the iPhone-esqe kinetic scrolling that so many folks adore. You can catch a video demo, the rest of the features and the currently non-active download link on the product page.(via Mobiholics)



— If you wanted to say : Application of the day, in french, you should delete the ended “s” of jours, because there is only One day with “du”. Otherwise, I need to practice more my english ;) —

Concerning the news, hope it will touch symbian version.


I am looking forward to Skyfire cause of the flash support. I don’t think Opera and Netfront have that support so I am not too interested.


I’m looking forward to Skyfire and Opera more as the Netfront browser doesn’t run on my WM6 Std Smartphone…

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