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Web Video Producer TurnHere Raises $7.5 Million First Round

Online video producer TurnHere has raised a $7.5 million first-round funding from Venrock and Hearst Interactive Media. I spoke with Bradley Inman, TurnHere’s founder & CEO, about the company’s plans for the round’s proceeds. He mainly wants to expand its 3,200 network of professional freelance filmmakers. The network’s reach extends to 40 countries, where its filmmakers have created one- to two-minute online videos for book publishers, real estate firms and retailers. TurnHere also places the videos on related sites; e.g., a video for a book publisher would be placed on a Barnes & Noble website.

Individual companies also use the videos for their own sites. For example, TurnHere has produced 150 videos for home furnishings and cookware retailer Williams Sonoma. At the other end of the retail spectrum, TurnHere is also used by local directories like and CitySearch to create videos for small businesses as well. Inman: “We can’t go out directly to every Joe’s Pizza shop, so we work through the directories.” TurnHere’s other goals for this year include adding more video products and hiring more in-house producers to its 31-member staff.

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