Ex-Jobster Chief Raises Sub-$1 Million Seed Round For Social News Startup


Jason Goldberg, former chief of web 2.0 jobs site Jobster.com, has raised a sub-$1 million seed round from unidentified backers for a new social news site. The raise was first reported by SeattlePI. The company is currently called Social Median, which is also the name of his blog, and right now Goldberg tells us, it just consists of him and four developers in India. It will most likely keep operating under that name, though it may not. The initial seed money came in at the end of January, with more expected in the middle of this month. It’s not planning to raise a full venture round for several months, preferring first to launch and gain traction with the product. So far, there aren’t any details on the site, though Goldberg promises that it won’t just be a copy of something that exists on the market today. He did say that it will appeal to a broader, less-techie crowd, compared to many other social news sites. Goldberg, who moved from Seattle to New York in January, remains on the board of Jobster.

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